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#1  (Pre-Conference Announcement)

The 4th ACSSA Conference for East Asia-Oceania will take place on 10 to 15 February 2019 hosted by the Province of St. Mary Mazzarello in Ban Than Phraphon, Sam Phran, Thailand. The theme is on “Relevant Salesian Figures of the 20th Century in East Asia.” Presentations will feature exemplary Salesian personalities in the region who are not saints, yet who have embodied in a significant manner the Salesian spirit as a way of being and living the Gospel of Jesus. Participants will come from various members of the Salesian Family (i.e, SDB, FMA, DQM, SCG, SIHM, SQM, VDB, ADMA). This gathering is among the series of continental conferences organized by the Association of Scholars and Enthusiasts of Salesian History (ACSSA) that will culminate with the International Conference to be held in 2020.