photos... February 14, 2019
photos... February 14, 2019
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#6  ANS

14 February 2019 (Ban Than Phraphon, Sam Phran, Thailand)

The day started with lauds and celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr. Joachim Ye Maung SDB (MYM). The speakers for this fifth day of the conference were the organizers from the Association of Scholars and Enthusiasts of Salesian History (ACSSA), and presented the following topics:

Fr. Francesco Motto SDB: “Different Literary Genres – Critical Approach to Salesian Sources”

Sr. Grazia Loparco FMA: “Figure Salesiane: Introduzione alla Ricerca Storica”

Fr. Thomas Anchukandam SDB: “Preserving and Passing on the ‘Memory’ in the Salesian Tradition” (presented by Fr. Nestor Impelido)

Fr. Vaclav Klement: On the Conservation of Documents for the EAO’s History “Sorica sulla Realta Salesiana nel Mondo”

Fr. Stanislaw Zimniak SDB: “L’ACSSA al servizio della ricerca storica” e “Informazione sul sito ISS/ACSSA”

Sr. Grazia Loparco FMA: On the ACSSA Seminar (Europe 2018)

Fr. Francesco Motto SDB: On the ACSSA and the ACSSA Conference (2020)

No Salesian gathering is complete without the opportunity for fellowship. This aptly took place today on St. Valentine’s day. The Academia Salesiana evening featured presentations from the beneficiaries of the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and students of Narivooth School of Banpong. Not to be outdone, the participants also shared their culture through their presentations. Gifts were also shared among the participants in thanksgiving for these days of fruitful and enriching encounter.