photos... February 11, 2019
photos... February 11, 2019

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2nd day of the ACSSA EAO Conference on Salesian History
Ban Than Phraphon, Sam Phran, Thailand, 11 February 2019 , on the second day of the ACSSA EAO Conference on Salesian History, the session started with lauds and celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr. Aaron Alcoseba, SDB – the Vice Provincial of Thailand.
Sr. Anna Tran Thi Sang, FMA (VTN) and Sr. Florita Dimayuga FMA (FIL), moderators of the first and second sessions, introduced the following speakers who presented their study or research of their chosen relevant Salesian figure, those who in their field of mission are believed to have embodied in a significant manner the Salesian spirit as a way of being and living the Gospel of Jesus:
Fr. Thomas Anchukandam SDB (ISS): “Situating the Salesian Missionary Activities in the Historical Context of the EAO Region” (presented by Fr. Nestor Impelido SDB)
Fr. Lanfranco Fedrigotti SDB: “Memories from my Life: From Tyrolean Lad to Missionary Bishop; The Autobiography of Bishop Ignaz Kanazei (Ignazio Canazei SDB)”
Sr. Sompong Thabping SIHM: “The Life and Mission of Bishop Gaetano Pasotti SDB”
Sr. Marisa Gambato FMA: “La Figura di Sr. Carmela Solari FMA nel Contesto Socio-Religioso del Giaponne (1930-1957)”
Fr. Joachim Ye Maung SDB: “Everything to Us - Fr. Fortunato Giacomin SDB”
Sr. Maria Immacolata Taniguchi Nobuko SCG and Sr. Ma. Letizia Ono SCG: “Don Antonio Cavoli e la Fondazione delle Suore della Carita”   
Fr. Manuel Fraile SDB “Fr. Alfonso Nacher SDB: An Extraordinary Salesian Missionary in East Timor”
Sr. Monica Jin Hee Kim FMA: “Sr. Mirta Mondin (1922-1977): Un Seme di Cenape Gettata nella Terra Coreana”

After vespers, all 47 participants from 10 countries prayed the rosary together in memorial of the apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes. The rosary was prayed in different languages and everyone participated in a floral offering for Our Lady. After the compline, Sr. Maria Letizia Ono SCG and Sr. Maria Immacolata Taniguchi Nobuko SCG gave the good night talk, also explaining the symbol from their country, Japan, that they offered during the opening session of the conference.